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With the evolution of the internet, the subscription to a credit has become very simple. And to find an attractive cash credit offer, you can go through our credit simulator. The latter is available for free online. It allows you to save money and time. You are no longer obliged to move to different financial institutions to find a loan with a good interest rate.
The cash credit simulator offers you a dozen already negotiated offers. In addition, it is a system that allows banks to be known and attract a good number of customers without any effort. Its use requires no specific knowledge in the field of credit, so it is very simple to handle and understand.

Definition of a cash credit

Definition of a cash credit

Cash credit is a loan that is granted by a bank or financial institution to a business or individual and is repaid over a short period of time. It is useful for companies because it can allow them to have a fund to operate optimally.

The cash credit allows individuals to have a fund that can enable them to finance an unforeseen expense. There are several types of cash credits, namely, the bank overdraft, the campaign credit and the cash facility.

Cash loans have a high interest rate compared to other types of credits.

The characteristics of different types of cash loans

The characteristics of different types of cash loans

Bank overdraft is a cash loan that is granted to a household or a business. The funds of this kind of credit are placed on a current bank account. It is a global loan that is not granted for a specific cause. This type of cash credit does not require any backing and no property as guaranteed which explains the fact that its interest rate is very high.

The campaign credit is a special short-term loan. It is granted by banks and credit institutions for companies that have a seasonal activity. Companies can borrow in advance their cash flow requirements.

The cash facility is a cash loan that is arranged in a transitional account and is granted by the bank. It allows companies to flexibly manage their various expenses and their earnings.

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