Payday Loan Without Intermediaries – Direct & Secure

A payday loan without intermediaries can always make sense if negative entries in the private credit burden the credit rating. In such a case, the query of the private credit could come namely to a credit rejection.

However, if the loan is taken without the query of private credit, this risk is avoided.

The most important thing – in short

  • Legal loan without private credit comes from pawnbrokers, private investors from Liechtenstein
  • The direct loan application – of course without intermediaries – is possible by mail
  • However, first check – probably right now – possible alternatives
  • Apply directly – without obligation – for your desired loan from the comparison

What is a private credit free loan?

What is a Private credit free loan?

A private credit are deals that do without the query of private credit. Here in Germany, however, there is no classic bank that offers such loans.

As a result, the non-fiction lending market is often riddled with many dubious offers that come from intermediaries and either involve very high costs or require prepayment. At best, therefore, a debt-free loan is taken without intermediaries.

These are available either abroad or at some loan portals. The latter serve as a platform on which private investors and potential creditors can come together and loans of various kinds can be offered and taken up.

Why without intermediaries

Why without intermediaries

A free loan without intermediaries has the advantage of saving a lot of money as a borrower. Agents want to be paid for their services.

This is completely normal and quite legitimate. Unfortunately, there are also some black sheep in this industry, which pull the honest work of most intermediaries in the dirt.

They promise loans that will not work in the end and pay off for their promises. What remains is a prospective loaner who has not gotten closer to his loan but has lost a lot of money.

Therefore, it should always be tried to take up the non-private credit credit without an intermediary. The possibilities in this regard are quite diverse and can be claimed independently.

If the loan is taken abroad, it is worthwhile to examine the offers of Soulcredit exactly. Here in Germany, loan portals are available and trying to help. However, there is no guarantee at any point. For a debt-free loan to function without an intermediary, some requirements must be met.

It is not possible without collateral

It is not possible without collateral

Actually, in Germany, the private credit is considered as one of the collateral that must be provided when borrowing. Without a positive private credit, the default risk around the loan is very high.

Banks therefore have little interest in lending. Should the private credit not be queried, therefore, other collateral must be put into the foreground.

Among other things, the income, which must come from a fixed source and should be located well above the attachment exemption amount. Without a decent income, there is neither a loan abroad nor a loan portal.

In addition, one should be aware as a potential borrower that there will be no large loan amounts with a negative private credit. Small payday loans up to 10000 euros should be possible. The company awards a private credit-free loan without intermediaries up to a maximum of 7500 euros.

Higher total should always be secured with a guarantor. If this solvent and immediately at hand, but also could be tried to take the desired loan from a bank in Germany.

However, the solvent guarantor should then appear as the main borrower. The actual borrower moves into the background, so that his negative private credit does not endanger the borrowing.

private credit-free without intermediaries – Check options

Private credit-free credit without intermediaries - Check options

Ultimately, as a prospective loaner, you are spoiled for choice and can choose from a variety of options. Since they can present themselves quite differently, it is worthwhile to make a comparison.

The comparison shows the advantages of the respective possibilities and thus helps in the decision-making process. So that the credit is not a burden and the repayment can proceed in a regulated manner.