What are the requirements for obtaining a payday loan?

The credit situation in our country continues to be quite complex . Because of some internal factors and external to the banking world that drive credit institutions to a certain degree of prudence. Anyone applying for a loan must however start from the following assumption. If it is not possible to satisfy certain criteria, it is very difficult to find listening . Especially at times when the economic situation presents clouds on the horizon, advising banks and financial to tighten the purse strings waiting for better times.

Preliminary investigation

When a user turns to a bank in order to obtain a loan, the counterparty immediately begins a structured process in a series of steps , called a preliminary investigation. At the end of this, the appointed officials will have to issue their final verdict. Naturally, every banking or financial institution has its own procedure. The requirements for financing must inspire the final answer are expressly indicated by Bankitalia . They are therefore the same for everyone.


The first of the funding requirements to be met is that of personal data . The applicants can in fact make their request only if they have reached the age of majority and are not more than 75 years old . The ratio of this provision is quite understandable. On the one hand, you need to be able to sign contracts and take responsibility for them and on the other hand you do not need to be too old. A too advanced age would expose the bank that grants the financing to too high risks. Even if the re-entry plan was conceived in a few months.

Income situation

Among the requirements for financing is then fundamental the income situation of those who apply for the loan. Banks only trust those who can demonstrate that they can support the amortization schedule agreed at the contractual level. This means that you need to present a paycheck resulting from a permanent job. Or even from a fixed-term contract whose duration still allows to pay the installments indicated in the repayment plan. You may not even have a contract, but in this case you have to show regular income , for example from work done for one or more clients or from renting a real estate unit.

Credit reliability

No less decisive, among the requirements for financing, is credit reliability . That is to have loans repaid at your back without problems. Or, in any case, they did not ask for loans that were not repaid regularly or even involved registration in one of the databases in which the names of bad payers are kept. The appearance of one’s name in one of these lists becomes in practice an impediment that is almost impossible to remove. Among the exceptions, the intervention is a guarantor or that the formula of the repayment plan does not provide for the assignment of the fifth salary .


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