Works financing: simulate a loan for your project

Do you have plans to improve or renovate your home and dream of getting started?

To enlarge, embellish, transform, create, everything is finally possible when one prepares his project with the good interlocutors and the good tools.

Anticipate and anticipate the different stages of your project allows to gain serenity: the scope of work, the cost of materials and labor, the intervention of professionals and also the financing that you can spread up to 10 years. Discover without further delay what Perso Ready Works for your home we are able to offer you by performing a simulation.

Prepare your project with a loan works

Prepare your project with a loan works

When you decide to carry out work, as a general rule you have two possibilities: either you draw on your savings, if it is possible, or you ask a financial institution to subscribe a work financing. From now on, you can easily make your Personal Loan Work online process with our calculator and simulator.

With the Pre-Finace Custom Work Loan, you can make a loan from $ 3,800 to $ 75,000 over a period of 36 to 120 months depending on your situation. A Perso Long Term Work Loan is indeed a solution to carry out for example an enlargement or a renovation of your house.

The rate will of course depend on the amount borrowed and the repayment term.

This solution brings several advantages:

  • you do not touch the money saved if necessary and therefore have a sum in case of a hard blow or unexpected: appliances that break down, car to repair or just need a punctual amount of money. No worries when needed, you always have the money you put aside in your woolen stocking!
  • the loan simulation works allows you to customize your loan according to your desires and your situation. Duration or amount of monthly payments, it adapts to your needs, it is tailor-made for your project!
  • the financing of your work is assured and you can pay each professional in time. One after the other, you manage each stage of your project works in the best conditions.
  • Pre-Finace Custom Work Loan can be used for all types of interior and exterior work: extension, extension, development of the attic, insulation, cooling, roofing, landscaping… whatever it is it allows you to finance a real improvement of your living environment and gain comfort.

How much to borrow for the financing of works?

You already see yourself there, a well insulated house, without sensation of humidity, a powerful heating system or even a home automation system to manage heating or air conditioning time slots, while saving energy, automatic opening of shutters…

Or the kitchen of your dreams, which allows you to receive your friends or family and share good times together.

Renovating your home is part of the desires that have been trotting in your head for a while.

Why always postpone what could make you feel good at home ? Doing the necessary work will in any case value your property and even allow you in case of resale to be able to claim the purchase of housing larger than originally planned.

Let’s see together what average budget to devote to your work according to the type of project envisaged:

Type of work

Average amount


40 to 120 USD the m2

Attic landscaping

600 to 2,000 USD the m2


7 to 100 USD the m2


1,500 to 6,000 USD for a wood heater

4,000 to 15,000 USD for a heat pump

3,000 to 15,000 USD for solar heating

2,000 to 7,000 USD for a condensing gas boiler

2,000 to 5,000 USD for an electric heating system

Electric renovation

50 to 100 USD the m2

Swimming pool

2,000 to 15,000 USD


1,000 to 10,000 USD

Wooden deck

10 to 100 USD the m2

Attention, to be able to benefit from certain aid to the renovation, like the eco-loan at zero rate or the energy transition tax credit, granted by the administration, it is necessary to have the works done by professionals labeled RGE, recognized guarantor of the environment. They also allow you to benefit from the reduced rate VAT, these are advantages not to neglect!

Make a credit simulation now for your work.

Make a credit simulation now for your work.

Of course, the amount of work may vary depending on the craftsman and materials chosen. The product range affects the total amount of work to be financed. Some products can save more in the long run than others. Nevertheless, do not neglect the quality of the materials because the first prices are not always a wise choice in the long term.

Take the example of attic insulation: 20 to 25% of energy losses come from roofs and poorly insulated roofing.

By choosing a high-performance insulation, it is possible to reduce its energy bills significantly. It’s more comfort in winter, but also in summer when temperatures rise.

Higher performance material often means higher price, but also higher energy savings and work done more quickly. Concretely your electricity bills will be lightened.

Thus, if the budget required for the change of insulation of your attic exceeds the budget initially planned, the operation may be however more interesting:

Better insulation results in greater savings every month.

Similarly, an exotic wood composite wood deck will cost more to buy but its life will be much longer than that of a maritime pine wood deck. More resistant, requiring less maintenance, it will allow you to enjoy it longer.

This is where funding for insulation work or home renovations comes in. 120-month financing allows you to spread your expenses according to your budget and your situation. A serene solution for the next 10 years!

A home loan allows access to a range of superior products while controlling its budget.

It is a financing solution that allows you to offer what you dream of!

With our Simulation Loan simulator, it is easy to test the various possibilities that are available to you to find the appropriate financing (monthly or duration) according to your borrowing capacity. The rate of this loan varies according to the amount borrowed and the duration chosen.

Our advice to negotiate your quote if you use a craftsman

The DGCCRF has published a practical form “estimate” in which it states that: “the quote will engage the customer only from the moment he has expressed his willingness to execute the work, by a signature at the bottom of the quote” It will then allow you to determine the amount of your Perso Prêt Travaux.

So you have the opportunity to make several and moreover, we strongly encourage you to do so. This does not mean that you have to ask for tens. 3 to 5 quotes are a good average to allow you to evaluate the cost of the work to be done. You need to educate yourself beforehand and call on the most renowned craftsmen, those who have the most advanced expertise in the field you are interested in, so that your work is carried out as best as possible.

An estimate is a written document by which a supplier or service provider offers you in detail a price to carry out work on a building site. In most cases, a quote is free but it can sometimes, at the pleasure of the craftsman, be paid. Inquire before him to find out.

To negotiate the best possible quote, you must be in a favorable position:

  • have at least 3 quotes made by 3 different companies
  • define as precisely as possible your project, the conditions of realization of your work, the type of access to the site, so that the encryption of the craftsman is also the most complete (a plan is a real plus for get an idea, do not hesitate to call an architect if necessary)
  • wait for the best time of the year to apply as a customer. For example, a craftsman will be more inclined to offer you a discount during off-season or off-peak periods than when he is the most overworked (for example, if you plan to do some heating work, rather make your request at the end of winter)
  • to obtain more interesting prices, turn to materials “ready to pose” (labor needed but less consequent)
  • make sure that the quantity of useful materials is controlled in a sufficient but measured way. Beyond a few falls to predict, any surplus unnecessarily increases the estimate
  • check if there are no extras and extras on your quote, such as the use of a forklift instead of scaffolding or the need for two people (hand of work) to change your toilets rather than just one

Being a novice in the field of work is certainly not a handicap when you make the move to make quotes. However, not to pose a frame, to have a project with a lack of precision in mind and not to ask all the useful questions to the craftsman can penalize you.

No doubt, no questioning must remain in the framework of a project works. Do not be afraid of dialogue with construction companies.

We also invite you to do a research on the companies you plan to contact to find out the main opinions and check before signing with one of them, its current financial situation. This will save you from potentially having an unfinished job on your arms. Similarly, depending on the nature of your work, check that the company has subscribed the 10-year guarantee (professional liability insurance) in case of damage. The manager of the company must be able to give you a valid certificate.

Quotation: the mandatory information

Some information must appear on a quote prepared by a professional. These mandatory information will allow you to understand the benefits offered by the company, which is included in the price and what is not.

  • The term “quote” or “quote” should be clearly stated.
  • The date of issue of the estimate, the name of the company and its sector of activity must also appear on the document, in addition to its registration number in the Trade and Companies Register or its registration number. Directory of Trades.
  • Your name and address must appear on the quote to clearly identify the beneficiaries of the work.
  • The detail of the services: their costs, explicitly detailed in HT and TTC. The VAT rate is also specified.
  • The raw materials used (quantity, price…), but also the hourly rate of the labor and the expenses relative to the movement of the workers to go on the building site must be indicated

A quote from a building craftsman is usually free. But make sure that the free or paid nature of the quote is explicitly mentioned. Whatever the case may be, the craftsman has to tell you this verbally.

If it paid off, it is customary for the craftsmen to refund the amount of the estimate by deducting it from the total cost of the project.

Also note that any craftsman with compulsory professional insurance must mention it on the quote. This is for example the case of the decennial insurance (10 years) which covers the potential damage after the completion of the work by clearing you of all additional expenses.

Know that if unforeseen work occurs, the craftsman must make you an endorsement.

Once the quotation is established is in adequacy with the various works to achieve and your expectations, you move from a non-contractual information document to a contractual document that commits you. When you sign it with the mention “good for work”, you establish a contractual relationship with the craftsman.

A well-established quote avoids unpleasant surprises and temptations to artificially inflate the overall budget of a building site by not mentioning all the key information. That’s why it is imperative for you to make several quotes.

Having an estimate and knowing clearly the costs also allows you to anticipate your financing for a Personal Loan Works and to dispose of the necessary amount to start the project.

The average duration of validity of a quote for works is 3 months.

Good to know :
Do not forget to carry out your preliminary declaration of work to obtain a permit of works of the town hall. The administration has a period of one month from the filing of your file to answer you.

How to manage the work at home?

When you start working at home, it’s important to know what’s waiting for you! Allow time, if you do the work yourself. It is not uncommon to underestimate the duration of the work, as many factors can affect the number of days needed to complete renovations:

  • lack of adequate equipment
  • lack of know-how
  • poor estimate of the time needed
  • difficulty of the underestimated yard…
  • works can only be carried out by certified craftsmen certified RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the environment) to qualify for financial aid and tax deductions from the State

Hence the legitimate question: Do your own work or go through a professional ?

Some work can be, with a little elbow grease, a good equipment and a person a little manual, realizable without much difficulty. Others, on the other hand, require dexterity, know-how and a lot of material to be carried out in the rules of the art, to present perfect finishes and maximum performances. Do you see climbing your roof alone to deflate it? Are you equipped enough to completely remake your facade plaster without scaffolding?

We advise you to have your work done by professionals who have the appropriate experience and equipment. An accident such as a bad fall is so quickly arrived.

In addition, have at least 3 quotes made to quantify the cost of the work and define whether or not you are in the right range. The prices of some craftsmen for the same service can quickly vary from single to double. Do not hesitate to take the step for all the trades that will intervene on your construction site or renovation within your home. It is better sometimes to leave the hand to professionals to avoid having to make up for mistakes!

A few minutes are enough to make a simulation of borrowing for your work and subscribe your loan via our online form, do not deprive you. If you need help, you have the opportunity to interact directly with an adviser to accompany you in your steps

We wish you a good job, thanks to our tailor-made financing solutions!

The prices mentioned are based on averages found on a panel of websites specialized in the realization of work.

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